Where we come from...


Until 2018, we not only manufactured our own products, but also offered classic commissioned work. Our project portfolio includes large to small. For example, we have already cast several concrete counters, concrete worktops and concrete tiles for a wide range of clients. But we also made design objects like the Nike Air Jordan 4 “Cement” from concrete. Here you will find a small selection of our concrete projects at the time:

A look into our factory


Made in Germany

Our concrete workshop is located in Germany, more precisely in Frankfurt am Main. All of our products are handcrafted there by our Concrete Jungle team. It was important to us to remain a craft company despite e-commerce and to manufacture the products ourselves. Not only because we think it's an incredible shame that many crafts in Germany are increasingly dying out and more and more production is being done abroad, but also because our founders themselves enjoy working and like to put on their workshop aprons from time to time.

Quality through honest craftmanship

Precisely because we produce everything ourselves in our factory, we can ensure that the quality of our products always meets our requirements. A product goes through up to thirty work steps and twelve hands. Everyone has an eye for detail and checks every piece for quality. We currently employ five trained full-time goldsmiths who contribute all their know-how and continually improve our products. We always make sure to pay our employees fairly and offer them a creative place to work.


Our special materials

Not only have we made special combinations of materials our distinguishing feature, but the materials themselves are also exceptional.

The concrete

Our specially developed concrete contains the best ingredients, such as marble powder and marble sand or the highest quality Portland cement (52.5 R). Through our years of testing and trials, we have developed a concrete that is not only particularly light and comfortable to wear, but also extremely stable. The compressive strength of our varieties is between 100 – 130 N/mm2. Our pieces of jewelry can withstand up to 10 falls from a height of 2m. And all without cast reinforcement, even though our jewelry is only 2-4mm thick.

Unique jewelry

Our handwork and special casting technology to combine the noble materials with the concrete means that each piece is unique. None are exactly the same as the other. This makes our jewelry really special compared to usual jewelry. Every single piece reflects the uniqueness of every person and is therefore a wonderful gift for our loved ones. Some of our customers even see shapes or figures in the patterns and say it's like watching clouds. Everyone's imagination is stimulated and invites them to dream.