It has to come from the heart to have an effect on the heart.

from our ♥ to yours.



What guides us is simple: we believe that the world is a better place when we look at it with open eyes and open hearts. When we are happy about the little things – pasta alla Mama, hugs, stargazing, a good song on the radio. We believe in what may only seem valuable at second glance. Because we look where others don't look, we transform supporting characters into main characters. And make concrete socially acceptable – for everyone who is like us, who sees the great in the small and the special in the simple.

What does Concrete Jungle mean?

During the ups and downs of our founding, one song particularly accompanied us: “Empire State of Mind” by Jay-Z feat. Alicia Keys. The lyrics of the song are as follows in the chorus: “In New York – concrete jungle where dreams are made of, there is nothing you can’t do.” Literally translated, Concrete Jungle means -> concrete jungle. However, the term is used analogously for large cities (urban jungles) such as New York and Frankfurt am Main.

High-tech concrete

Our specially developed ultra-high-strength concrete (UHPC) is up to 12 times more stable than conventional types of concrete and is also incredibly light.

Our love story in short

What started in 2014 with working on a DIY concrete table has become so much more in recent years. Numerous recipes, stress tests, concrete courses, UHPC seminars and designs later, an experiment turned into passion. The initial lows turned into highs, a lyric became a real brand, a 9 sqm hobby cellar became a 1,200 sqm workshop, a part-time job became a calling, Madlen and Daniel quickly became a whole team. And from a number of different concrete projects, one thing remained constant - our unique concrete jewelry.

Unique concrete jewelry

In 2015 we invented our special type of concrete jewelry. And to this day we are the only ones in the world who can produce it with such high quality, filigree and stability. We combine the best features of high-quality concrete and precious metals. But for us it's not just special materials and products; There are more than 25 work steps in our factory. Just real, loving handwork.


The special nature of our concrete

We don't use just any concrete, but our specially developed ultra-high-strength concrete. A special concrete mix with enormous stability and incredible lightness. Our high-tech concrete corresponds to the so-called UHPC classification and has an incredible compressive strength of 100-150N/mm². This enables us to cast objects with a thickness of less than 2 mm and still keep them stable. This type of concrete requires a lot of knowledge, skill and special mixing machines. Normally, UHPC is only used for delicate architectural elements and in mechanical engineering and is not comparable to hardware store, decorative or craft concrete.


The production of concrete jewelry produces less CO2 emissions and fewer chemicals are needed than conventional jewelry.

Inhorgenta Award 2019

With our idea of ​​making extraordinary things out of concrete, we initially attracted a lot of skeptics. But we believed in it. We let our feelings guide us and surprised others. In the end, we showed all the skeptics: Beauty is all around us - we just have to look closer. And we have not only proven this to a tough jury, but have even been awarded prestigious prizes in various industries.


2019 German Design Award Winner | Excellent product design
2019 Inhorgenta Award | Fashion Jewelry | Brand of the Year
2019 Green Product Award | Selection
2017 Houzz Award | Excellent service


Social projects

Nature is important to us. And we love animals. Especially elephants, as our logo shows. That's why we support various projects. For example, the registered association “Save the Elephants” with sponsorships for elephant orphans. But we are also wholeheartedly committed to preserving the rainforests. Form your own opinion and find out more about our environmental protection campaigns.