Is your concrete ornament heavy?
No. Our jewelry all weighs just a few grams. You can find all the details in the product descriptions. :)

Is your concrete jewelry nickel-free and skin-friendly?
Absolutely! This was top priority for our founder Madlen, because she has a strong nickel allergy and very sensitive skin. We therefore only use nickel-free sterling silver and our concrete as well as its sealing is absolutely skin-friendly.

Do your concrete jewelry break quickly?
No. We use only specially developed types of Ultra High Performance Concrete (UHPC). These are not comparable with normal DIY store or decorative concrete - neither in terms of price nor in terms of stability or surface. Our concrete types are up to 12 times stronger than normal concrete. Which means: Our concrete jewelry can fall from a height of 2.50 m without breaking. We test this regularly.

However: Before you go to bed, you should take off our jewelry. During the night you move a lot and there is often a lot of pressure on your jewelry. Also, please don't keep your jewelry in your purse or loosely in your pocket. Although our concrete is very stable: Nevertheless, treat your unique piece with love & care. We do not accept any warranty if your concrete ornament gets broken due to careless handling.

Are your jewels sealed?
Of course. Depending on the materials that have been incorporated or the color of our concrete ornaments, we use different types of sealant. However, all of them are absolutely skin-friendly. For the sake of our customers' health, we have dispensed with chemical pistols here. However, this means that the sealant only protects against light, superficial dirt, as well as rain and splash water.

Can I shower with your jewelry?
Prolonged or frequent exposure to water will cause the concrete to become soaked, stains may appear that are permanent or fade over time, and the glue on the ear studs may come off. Therefore, please do not shower or bathe with our jewelry. In addition, aggressive shampoos, salt water, chlorine and soaps with dyes will harm your unique piece and can discolor it, attack the surface or wash off the seal.

Can I wear your jewelry when I exercise?
Heavy sweating can increase the development of the patina common to concrete and change the color of your product. The effects of sweat on concrete vary from person to person due to differences in acidity (pH). Therefore, please do not wear our products during sports, also to avoid possible impact or scratch damage.

How do cosmetics, soaps & shampoos affect my jewelry?
Direct contact of concrete jewelry with cosmetics & chemical substances may cause discoloration. It's best to put your jewelry on after you've finished putting on your make-up and perfume. Aggressive shampoos and soaps with dyes will harm your unique piece and can discolor it. Therefore, please do not shower or bathe with our jewelry.

Will my concrete ornament change in the long run?
Yes. Concrete is - similar to wood or leather - a natural & especially open-pored material and has the natural property to form a greasy patina. Water, grease, oils or coloring liquids penetrate the material depending on the type of sealing and can leave traces. In this respect we are subject to the laws of nature. Of course we seal our jewelry with a skin-friendly glaze, but only against light soiling. The concrete nevertheless absorbs the natural fats & oils of the skin in the long run. The effects also vary from person to person due to differences in acidity (pH). Our jewelry can therefore form a slightly "bacon-like" surface and change its appearance after a certain period of time as a result of being worn directly on the skin.

Our silver jewelry is protected against tarnishing or rhodium-plated.

Copper also has the natural property of changing color and tarnishing over time - this is quite normal. The copper reacts with moisture & oxygen. How much the material tarnishes is also influenced by your wearing and care habits as well as your skin type (pH value). In any case, avoid prolonged or frequent contact with water.

Do the products stain or does the gold plating disappear over time?
We always pay attention to high quality and durable gilding. As a general rule, gold-plated jewelry lasts longer if you do not expose it to too much water. You should always take off your jewelry when showering and also when bathing in chlorinated swimming pool water and salt water. Shampoos, salt water and chlorine attack concrete and can discolor the gold plating.

Do the products look very different from one another?
Our products are handmade and each product is unique. It is not possible for us to produce two identical products due to the materials used and the special technology. We make every effort to produce products that look very similar to the product images. But it has an incredible charm to get your personal unique piece and each one is simply beautiful. However, if you are not at all satisfied with the appearance of your jewelry, please contact our customer service and we will find a solution with you.

What's the best way to store your jewelry?
If you do not wear our jewelry, it is best to store it in an airtight jewelry box protected from moisture.

How do I clean my concrete ornaments?
If your product does get a little dirt (such as make-up, soil, etc.), it is best to use a fine cotton cloth. Use this to carefully clean your product without rubbing off the seal or damaging the material.

No-Go: Special care should be taken with acidic, aggressive or chemical cleaners. Anything that might attack or scratch the concrete surface will cause permanent damage to your item. Therefore, please never use a scouring pad for cleaning.